1. Start dualPrint. Choose the first page to print.
    This is usually the first page of the document.
  2. Look at the total of pages and choose up to what page you'll print.
    If a document has 50 pages but the last 3 are irrelevant, you may just print up to page 47.
  3. Indicate dualPrint the amount of pages per side of a sheet.
    For handouts, one usually wants 4 or 6 pages per side. For books either 1 or 2 pages per side.
  4. Once you're done, press the “Generate Print Sets” button.
  5. Copy the Odd print set, the one from the first row.
    In the Desktop and Flash versions this step is done automatically.
  6. Now go to your document and access the print dialog.
    You may do this by pressing Ctrl-P or clicking File - Print.
  7. Look for "range" options in the print dialog.
    Paste the previously copied content by Ctrl-V on your keyboard.
  8. Look for an option to "print multiple pages per sheet" and set the amount as dualPrint's (see step 3).
    Such option should be located near a "layout setup" or a "page setup" area.
  9. Print the document.
  10. Turn the paper to print on the back.
    To know how to turn pages on any printer see Printing on the back.
  11. After turning the pages, you must reverse their order too.
    If there's an even total of pages, use the "Reverse" option in your print dialog. If the total is Odd, remove the page from the top and then use the "reverse" option.
    You may also invert the order manually....

  12. Return to dualPrint and copy the set of pages to print on the back and repeat steps 6 through 9.
    You may use the Copy buttons on the left of the sets to copy them into the clipboard as well.
  13. Reverse your pages' order a last time.